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Personal Library of Books

I'm very emotional about the books I own. And I buy every book worth reading. I do everything in my capacity to take good care of them. You can say a book by its looks that it belongs to me :) One sure-shot way to win my wrath is to ill-treat my books. For a few things that I hate people do to books is: use pencil/pen as bookmark, dog-ear the pages, mark lines without a proper ruler, or drop food particles while they eat-n-read.

These are few of the books present in my small personal library. Except for a few books I have read most of them from cover-to-cover. For you can't read them any other way :)
I have broadly categorized them as technical and non-technical. I'm yet to include my brother's medical & dental books in the list.


0 The C Programming Language (aka K&R, C-bible) Kernighan-Ritche
1 Unix Network Programming (aka UNP) Richard Stevens
2 Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment (aka APUE) Richard Stevens
3 Operating System Principles (7e) Silberschatz-Galvin
4 Computer Networks (3e) A. S. Tanenbaum
5 Understanding The Linux Kernel (aka UTLK. 1e kernel 2.0 & 3e kernel 2.6) Bovet-Cesati
6 The Practice of Programming (aka TPOP) Kernighan-Pike
7 How to Solve it With a Computer Dromey
8 Code Complete (2e) Steve Mcconnel
9 Writing Solid Code Steve Maguire
10 See MIPS Run Dominic Sweetman
11 Design Patterns Gamma, Helm
12 Foundations of Security: What Every Programmer Needs to Know Daswani, Kern
13 Python in a Nutshell Alex Martelli
14 TCP/IP Illustrated Richard Stevens
15 Introduction to Algorithms (2e, aka CLR) Cormen-Leiserson-Rivest (CLR)
16 Design of the Unix Operating System Maurice J. Bach
17 Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach Roger Pressman
18 Data Structures and Algorithms Aho, Hopcroft, Ullman
19 Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools(aka Red Dragon Book) Aho, Sethi, Ullman
20 Linux Device Drivers ((aka LDD. 2e kernel 2.4 & 3e kernel 2.6., official ebook) Alessandro Rubini
21 Essential System Administration Aleen Frisch
22 C++ The Complete Reference Herbert Schildt
23 Systems Programming and Operating Systems (2e) Dhamdhere
24 Linux Kernel Programming (3e) Michael Beck
25 Object Oriented Programming with C++ Balagurusamy
26 Distributed Operating Systems: Concepts and Design P.K. Sinha
27 Modern Operating Systems Andrew S. Tanenbaum
28 IBM PC Assembly Language and Programming Peter Abel
29 Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms Aho, Hopcroft, Ullman
30 The Switch Book Rich Seifert
31 Operating Systems (4e) William Stallings
32 Intel Microprocessor Vol 1 (1994) ---
33 Digital Signal Processing Proakis, Manolakis
34 MS DOS Advanced Programming Ray Duncan
35 Multimedia: Computing Communications and Applications Ralf Steinmetz
36 Programming Perl (3e) Larry Wall
37 Graphics Programming in C Roger Stevens
38 IBM PC and Clones Hardware Trouble Shooting and Maintenance Govindarajulu
39 Computer Organization Carl Hamacher, Safwat Zaky
40 Data Structures using C and C++ Aaron Tenenbaum
41 Fundamentals of Computer Algorithms Horowitz, Sahni
42 lex & yacc Levine
43 Let Us C Yashwant Kanetkar
44 Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing Kai Hwang
45 Elements of Discrete Mathematics Liu
46 Hacking Exposed McClure
47 Database System Concepts Date
48 A Textbook of Statistics and Mathematics Chitale Joshi
49 Vim Book (e-book) ---
50 Redhat Linux 6 Unleashed ---


0 Siddartha Herman Hesse
1 Shadows of the Mind Roger Penrose
2 Wings of Fire A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
3 Made in Japan Akio Morita
4 A Hermit in Himalayas Paul Brunton
6 Fountainhead Ayn Rand
7 Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand
8 Not A Penny More Not a Penny Less Jeffery Archer
9 Kane and Abel Jeffery Archer
10 The Tao Of Jeet Kune Do Bruce Lee
11 Art And Science Of Karate-do Rajesh L Thakkar (my Sensei)
12 The Acupressure Handbook Shizuko Yamamoto
13 The Google Story David Vise
14 A Short History of Nearly Everything (review on my blog) Bill Bryson
15 The Code Book Simon Singh
16 Coma Robin Cook
17 The World Is Flat Thomas Friedman
18 1984 George Orwell
19 Ignited Minds A P J Abdul Kalam
20 The Birth of Time John Gribbin
21 OSHO: From Unconsciousness to Consciousness Osho
22 The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Robin Sharma
23 Vedic Mathematics Jagadguru
24 God Father Mario Puzo
25 Wisdom for the New Millennium Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
26 Who Says Elephants Can't Dance Louis Gerstner
27 The Alchemist Paulo Coelho
28 The Art Of Living Epictetus
29 Curing Everyday Ailments the Natural Way Readers Digest
30 The Pocket Oxford Dictionary Englis ---
31 Concise Oxford Dictionary English ---
32 How Would you move mount Fuji William
33 Handwriting Peter West
34 Man, Woman And Child Erich Segal
35 A Beautiful Mind Sylvia Nasar
36 Personal Excellence Ken Shelton
37 Everyday Miracles Jonathan Collins
38 Sons of Fortune Jeffrey Archer
39 The Eleventh Commandment Jeffrey Archer
40 The Prodigal Daughter Jeffrey Archer
41 The Seventh Secret Irving Wallace
42 If Tomorrow Comes Sidney Sheldon
43 The Best Laid Plans Sidney Sheldon
44 Rage Of Angels Sidney Sheldon
45 Nothing Lasts Forever Sidney Sheldon
46 The Doomsday Conspiracy Sidney Sheldon
47 Detective Arthur Hailey
48 Overload Arthur Hailey
49 Wheels Arthur Hailey
50 A Thin Dark Line Tami Hoag
51 Linda Goodman's Sun Signs Linda Goodman
52 A Painted House John Grisham
53 Angels And Demons Dan Brown
54 The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown
55 Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis
56 Long After Midnight Iris Johansen
57 Check your own IQ H J Eysenck
58 The Management: Make Every Second Count Robert Bly
59 You Can Negotiate Anything Herb Cohen
60 A Bunch of old Reader's Digest ---

Last updated on 22-Jan-09 (my brother's medical books not included yet).