Ramblings about myself...

Atul Talesara


I haven't produced in terms of papers et.al. But I tend to author some techie stuff on my blog. Below is the list of a few.

The next big thing I'm working on is the 'Mastering vi' guide. Idea is to document the most important commands in vi that I think are sufficient to transform you into an expert vi-user. The draft is ready, but it needs some serious cosmetic touch before it is ready for public scrutiny.

List of technical tit-bits I wrote:

  1. Why vi: The programmers' true editor
  2. My Own Sexy Vim Tip #0
  3. Vim Tip #1
  4. Choosing a Laptop/Notebook Guide
  5. Choosing an external Hard Disk
  6. Thinkpad T43 Review
  7. First Impressions of Sony W700i
  8. Synchronize KOrganizer and Google Calendar
  9. Fastest Wat to Convert huge list of numbers from one base to another
You can look at my blog's techie, gadgets and vim, sections for some more.