Ramblings about myself...

Atul Talesara

Time for some Action huh...

A 101 things, some exciting, some challenging, some materialistic, some spiritual, and few just plain fantastic things I want to do before I report back to Heaven. So that I can proudly say that I lived my life by purpose and enjoyed it too. Items appear in no particular order, and the list is still a work in progress.

  1. Publish at least one breath-taking photograph in reputed magazine like NatGeo
  2. Own an Accord, a BMW and a Lexus. On second thoughts, lemme add Mercedes too
  3. Own a sexy road bike, like Felt F75 (this is what a Felt 75 looks like!)
  4. Sky-diving
  5. Gift my parents a ticket for world tour. And then randomly pop up to catch up with them at a few places!
  6. Build a mysteriously interesting personality (what the heck this means???)
  7. Intern at Google
  8. Swim with dolphins
  9. Build my own personal library of Books (and DVDs)
  10. Go scuba diving
  11. Say "I Love You" to someone and mean it
    (To someone other than my existing family)
  12. Do fashion photography
  13. Remember everybody's birthday
  14. Have a German Shepherd
  15. Spend time with family on Islands of Bahamas
    (in a house like the one in After The Sunset)
  16. Sponsor education for a deserving poor, at least 1 per year
  17. Ask beautiful girl out for a date
  18. Build my own house, to the spec I like, without worrying too much about the budget
  19. Build an excellent physique
  20. Study the KS
  21. Learn Aikido from a Japanese Master
  22. Learn nan-chakku
  23. Learn Sai (another martial arts weapon)
  24. Learn to wield Katana (i.e. Samurai sword)
  25. Own a Katana
  26. Make Vividh Bharati available online
  27. Meet my fantasy girl, and befriend her
  28. Gift Skoda Octavia to my parents
  29. Gift my bro an expensive hi-tech dentist chair
  30. Build my bro's clinic, which would be one of its kind
  31. Be wealthy and wise (both at the same time)
  32. Spend, at least once, without worrying about bills
  33. Help my community grow
  34. Be recognized as a Senior Software Architect
  35. Publish at least one paper in the domain of Filesystem/Storage
  36. Author a good technical book
  37. Become a Fellow, highest post in the engineering ladder
  38. Master the art of meditation, and be able to meditate for prolonged hours
  39. Build a special meditation room in my house
  40. Build an impregnable composure
  41. Make some good American and good Japanese friends
  42. Develop good dribbling skills at Soccer
  43. Be a good spiker and setter in volleyball
  44. Be not afraid when in water
  45. Leave a good legacy to live by, for my family
  46. Learn to sleep less than 6 hrs a day and still be efficient (and alive!)
  47. Visit Japan and learn more about Japanese culture
  48. Own a weekend-get-away farm house in some serene place
  49. Build an artificial soothing waterfall in house
  50. Build a huge in-the-wall fish aquarium
  51. Be a son my parents can be proud of
  52. Be a parent, my kids can be proud of
  53. Be someone's Godfather
  54. Go to all of the Greatest Places to Visit (link)
  55. Be not faltered in the face of death
    This probably would be the last one I could do! I probably won't be able to update this when it happens, unless my Lord sends me back to update it!
    Death is the singular thing most certain to happen, and yet we all fear death. We come with nothing in this world, and still develop so much material and emotional attachment that we are not willing to accept that one day it is bound to go back to where it came from: nowhere! Every thing taking birth, has to, once again, disintegrate into its constituent elements.
  56. Influence someone's life in a good way
  57. Do part time job to test new motor cars
  58. Stop swearing, no matter what
  59. Take an extravagant cruise for a long vacation
  60. Make a short video-documentary on my life at CMU
  61. Become a Guru in at least one technology (filesystems?)
  62. Teach my kids to count in hex before they hit high-school :)
  63. Own a Think Pad
  64. Own a nice DSLR
  65. Own at least one F1.4 lens
  66. Own a sports motor bike
  67. Go out on someone's personal yacht
  68. Write a simple yet powerful incremental backup script (preferably using bash or perl and some standard unix tools)
  69. Then write a tool to restore state from that incremental backup :)
  70. Teach some topic to students or colleagues
  71. Attend an authentic traditional Japanese tea ceremony
  72. Ride a Helicopter
  73. Go on wildlife Safari
  74. Rappel, pro-level
  75. Travel in Business Class in an airliner
  76. Give voice to a character in an animated movie
  77. Write my resume using TeX/LaTeX
  78. Make someone cry of happiness
  79. Make a significant contribution to an open source software project
  80. Help a stranger change her tire, a hot stranger ;-)
  81. Drop through a line from a chopper, just like commandos do
  82. Learn Acupressure
  83. Make one good stop-motion and slow-motion videos
  84. Triple-boot a MacBook Pro: OS X, Windows and Linux
  85. I don't want to be tagged as OGYASE : Oh God! Yet Another Software Engineer
      ... the list is growing ...